Marketing Automation Audits AND Assessments

Needs & requirements assessment, vendor analysis, platform optimisation.

Marketing automation &
Technology platform audit.

Having the right people, skills, tools and approach is critical to modern marketing.
Sometimes it’s a good idea to stop, assess, and plan your next initiative using data and best practice to inform your decisions.


Marketing Technologies

  • Requirements Gathering

    Protocol can help advise, and guide requirements analysis, gathering and documentation for platforms including Marketing Automation.

  • Vendor Evaluation

    We have years of experience in using, reviewing and comparing marketing technology platforms ensuring you make the right choice and investment.

  • Platform Optimisation

    Make more of your Marketo, Eloqua or SalesForce investment by optimising configuration, adoption and campaigns.

  • Inhouse or Managed Service

    Marketing tech can be a big investment of money, people, skills and time and it’s essential to know when to bring knowledge in-house or when to get external support.


Demand Centre Maturity

  • Team, Roles & Skills

    Modern marketing teams have evolved drastically in recent years. Protocol can recommend key roles, skills and training to optimise demand centre teams.

  • Process & Methodology

    Protocol has vast experience helping global marketing teams align functions, SLA’s, management tools and frameworks to help teams run smoothly.

  • Infrastructure & Tech Stack

    The right (or wrong) marketing technologies can make or break your demand engine. Our Technology Landscape audits help optimise your setup.


Campaign Optimisation

  • Messaging & Value Props

    Many marketing programmes succeed or fail based on the strength of the messaging. Protocol can assess and review messaging frameworks for maximum impact.

  • Content Audits

    Many companies rarely suffer from a lack of content. Protocol can undertake Content Curation projects such as inventory, assessment, recommended usage, and gap analysis.

  • Campaign Design

    We can review campaigns in flight or at planning stage making recommendations for acquisition or nurture strategies, channel tactics and tweaks.

We have worked with protocol for over 12 months now on a variety of strategic and operational Demand Generation projects, we find the combination of their practical experience (with similar organisations) and technical knowhow provide the right balance of support. We have used larger agencies in the past but find the personal and hands on approach of Protocol more appropriate to our current needs and development.

– Xerox, Richard Jephcote, VP International Sales Operations

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